Tom Rohan

Farming Status and Plans

Farming status:

Part time

Description of farming status, plans, and practices:

In short, hope is for a small scale, diverse and sustainable farm operation, with focus on preserving the rural character of the County, agricultural assets, and natural woodland habitats.  I would be open to conservation easements on existing land or offsetting those to be conserved, considerations of further subdivision deed restrictions, and offering leaseback opportunities to fully utilize the land by area farmers.

Open to the joint venture of a large scale farm (100+ acres) with an equally minded/capable farmer, in theory creating two independently owned/managed farms from the original single holding, with reduced financial obligation for each party, which may be the future of attainable agricultural land for the next generation - something to consider.

Description of marketing method:

Direct to consumer sales, long term possibility of a small scale CSA.  Very familiar with web design, e-commerce and social media applications, as well as community networking - all to promote applicable marketing efforts.

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In progress

Farm Characteristics

Preferred location:

Albany, Saratoga

Desired acreage:

11-20, 21-50, 51-100, >100

Infrastructure required:

Onsite housing, Barns or other facilities for storage of equipment, livestock, and crops

Description of buildings required:

Open to all considerations - raw land and construction of onsite housing and outbuildings, or the restoration/rehabilitation of an existing farmstead.  

Crops and Livestock

Primary crops:

Vegetables, Fruits, Other Crops

Primary Livestock:

Poultry, Other livestock

Description of livestock/crops:

Items will be implimented on a phased timeline.  Plantings for long term establishment of perennial fruits and vegetables and a small scale orchard initially, with annual vegetable, herb, and cut flower yearly expansion.  Free range layers for pest/weed control and egg production and bee hives for pollination efforts and honey production.

Farmland Tenure

Tenure options desired:

Partnership, For Sale, Other Tenure Agreement

Description of tenure options desired:

Open to all opportunity, therefore increasing the success rate of this vision and the most beneficial options for all parties involved - with an end result of suitable land availability.

Additional Information

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Experience & education:

Farm management, Farm employee

Experience description:

From an educational standpoint, I possess a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marine Transportation and Unlimited Tonnage United States Coast Guard licensing and my wife/business partner holds undergrad degrees in Sociology and Computer Science, with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.  All agricultural experience/knowledge/familiarization has been gained from hands on participation and part time employment throughout the years in addition to our tenured career paths.