Hudson Valley Farmlink Network Partners

Ensuring the availability of farmland in the Hudson Valley for the famers of today and tomorrow  

In response to farmland loss, the challenges faced by farmers in accessing farmland and the difficulties faced by families as they try to transfer their farms, agriculture and conservation groups came together to create the Hudson Valley Farmlink Network.  The Hudson Valley Farmlink Network is a partnership of 15 organizations, coordinated by American Farmland Trust, offering the Hudson Valley Farmland Finder website, training and networking events, and one-on-one assistance for farmers and landowners.

The Hudson Valley Farmlink Network serves 13 counties: Albany, Columbia, Dutchess, Greene, Orange, Putnam, Rensselaer, Rockland, Saratoga, Sullivan, Ulster, Washington, and Westchester.  

Please contact us with questions and to receive assistance with finding your farm, developing your farm succession plans, preparing your land for agriculture or conserving your farm. 

The following organizations are Partners of the Hudson Valley Farmlink Network:


Agricultural Stewardship Association

Agricultural Stewardship Association (ASA) can help farm families conserve their land. They also help match farmers seeking land with land owners wishing to lease or sell land.
Contact: Teri Ptacek | [email protected] | (518) 692-7285

American Farmland Trust

American Farmland Trust (AFT) works to ‘save the land that sustains us’ in New York and throughout the country by focusing on farmland protection, farm stewardship and helping to keep farmers on the land.  In the Hudson Valley, AFT coordinates the Hudson Valley Farmlink Network and the Hudson Valley Farmland Finder website.  Staff are available to work with farmers and farmland owners on issues related to finding farmland, connecting with a farmer, developing farm transfer plans, protecting farmland and more.    
Contact: Tim Biello | [email protected] | (518) 581-0078 x305

Columbia Land Conservancy

Columbia Land Conservancy (CLC) works to support agriculture by ensuring prime farmland continues to be available to the next generation of farmers and to increase farmland access. They administer the Columbia Land Conservancy and Dutchess Land Conservancy’s Farmer-Landowner Match Program: facilitating farmland leases and providing lease guidance, educational workshops, and service provider referrals. CLC staff are available to answer direct landowner and farmer questions.

Contact: Terence Duvall | [email protected] | (518) 392-5252 x225

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Orange County

Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE-Orange) can provide resources about ecological sustainability and beginning farming. They also provide many educational opportunities, including but not limited to: agriculture, youth development, health, food safety, and business planning.
Contact: Erik Schellenberg | [email protected]  | (845) 344-1234
Contact: Maire Ullrich | [email protected]  | (845) 344-1234

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County

Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE-Ulster) can provide resources about ecological sustainability and beginning farming. They also provide many educational opportunities, including but not limited to: agriculture, youth development, health, food safety, and business planning.
Contact: Christian Malsatzki | [email protected] | (845) 340-3990 x316
Contact: Jason Detzel | [email protected] | (845) 340-3990 x327

Dutchess Land Conservancy

Dutchess Land Conservancy (DLC) works to preserve Dutchess County’s most important resources – scenic views, fresh food, clean air and water, and intact natural ecosystems. DLC also serves as a leader and partner on the acquisition and implementation of purchase of development rights on farmland in Duchess County and partners with Columbia Land Conservancy in a Farmer Landowner Match Program which connects landowners looking to have their land farmed with farmers seeking land. 
Contact: Terence Duvall | [email protected] | (518) 392-5252 x225

FARMroots, GrowNYC

GrowNYC FARMroots provides both aspiring and established Greenmarket farmers with business technical assistance and training designed to ensure the long-term viability of participating farms and farmland. Primary service areas include business and financial planning, succession and land transition, legal support, access to land, access to capital, and beginning farmer training. 
Contact: Jack Hornickel | [email protected] | (212) 788-7476 x265


Glynwood can provide advice on farmland tenure options and how to narrow a land seeker’s interests. They also assist with landowners regarding land access options and the search for management ready farmers. Glynwood trains new farmers at their home farm in Cold Spring, and works with developing farm businesses in the Mid-Hudson region.
Contact: Dave Llewellyn | [email protected] | (845) 265-3338

NOFA New York

NOFA-NY provides technical support on organic food production, local marketing, and land stewardship across the state. Additionally, they advocate for organic integrity, provide educational opportunities for farmers and outreach to consumers to support an organic food and farm system. Through their classified ads, NOFA-NY strives to link people who are seeking land with those offering land. NOFA-NY also certifies over 1000 organic operations.  
Contact: Andrianna Natsoulas | [email protected] | (585) 271-1979 x501

NY FarmNet

New York FarmNet can provide assistance with farm succession and business partnership planning issues. They work with farmers directly to ensure economic viability for agriculture. 
Contact: Dan Welch | [email protected] | (607) 255-7103

Orange County Land Trust

Orange County Land Trust (OCLT) can provide advice with ensuring a farmer’s land is untouched by development, and preservation of open space. They help with negotiation of conservation agreements with private land owners, property donations, and the acquisition of private property.  
Contact: Jim Delaune | [email protected] | (845) 469-0951 x13

Saratoga PLAN

Saratoga PLAN assists landowners who wish to conserve their land for ongoing agricultural purposes. They can facilitate the process and hold conservation easements. They also assist communities with creating and implementing plans that protect these assets, and they provide educational and volunteer opportunities regarding the conservation of land.
Contact: Maria Trabka | [email protected] | (518) 587-5554

Stone Barns Center

Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture can provide assistance with the way America eats and farms. Their main focus is on creating a healthy and sustainable food system, and they do this through trainings, education, and awareness programs. They work with farmers to ensure hands-on experience and knowledge to create economically viable farm-business enterprises.
Contact: Davis Lindsey | [email protected] | (914) 366-6200 x135

Veg Chester

Westchester Land Trust can provide answers to questions regarding conservation easement and access to resources. In addition to that, they offer educational opportunities for young farmers and advice on farmland accessibility, affordability, and sustainability. 
Contact: Kara Whelan | [email protected] | (914) 234-6992 x12

Watershed Agricultural Council

Watershed Agricultural Council works to address surface-water quality through land conservation while supporting the economic viability of agriculture and forestry in the NYC Watershed region using whole farm plans, conservation easements and forest management plans. In addition, they can also provide answers to questions regarding Catskills FarmLink, their Pure Catskills buy-local initiative and the Croton and Catskill/Delaware Watersheds.
Contact: Kristan Morley | [email protected] | (607) 865-7090