Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I contact farmers/landowners?
    • First, you will need to create your profile.  After you’ve created your profile, check your email. You will receive an email to schedule a call with someone from the Hudson Valley Farmlink Network Team. Following the phone call, we will be able to activate your profile and, at that time, you will be able to see the contact email for the profiles listed on the website. The contact email will be located at the top of each profile.
  2. How do I search for a farm/farmer?
    • Look for the links to ‘Find a Farm’ or ‘Find a Farmer.’ Click on the appropriate link to begin your search. 
  3. I tried contacting a farmer/landowner and they haven’t responded. What do I do?
    • If you’ve tried contacting a farmer or landowner more than once, and you still haven’t heard back, reach out to us.  Please let us know the name of the farm and/or person you are trying to contact. We will follow up with them and keep you updated.
  4. I don’t know about my property’s soil types. How do I get that information?
    • Here are a few options for getting information about your property’s soil types and creating a soil map.  Once you have a soil map, we recommend attaching a PDF of this map on your Farm Profile
  5. I made a connection with a farmer/farm. What do I do now?
    • That’s great news!  Please contact us to let us know.  In addition to hearing the good news, we want to know if you’re looking for any follow-up resources.  We will also want to know if you’d like to keep your profile active or if you’d like us to remove it from the website. 
  6. I would like assistance developing a farm lease?
    • We have great resources specific to leasing farmland.  These resources are listed on the website’s ‘resources’ page.  You can also contact American Farmland Trust, or one of the other Hudson Valley Farmlink Network partners, to see if additional assistance is available.  Contact information is listed on the ‘about’ page.
  7. I was reading your stories and I am interested in being featured for one. How can I be selected?
    • Contact us! We will set up a phone interview with you to learn more about your story.
  8. I am no longer interested in having a profile on this website. How do I delete it?
    • Contact us and we will be able to remove your profile for you.
  9. I have a question.  How do I contact you?
    • Click ‘contact’ at the top of the home page.  Then, please fill out the brief form and click submit. We will get back to you soon.  You are also welcome to contact a Hudson Valley Farmlink Network Partner.  Go to the 'about' page for their contact information.