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Counties, Dutchess or Columbia, NY
[Dutchess County]
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Property Description

Description of the property’s current condition and current use(s):

If a partnership were a ship that could sail, it would be by the winds of compatible collaborative vision. I'm designing several small, mid-size farm enterprises that fit my budget. Success at the scale I'm proposing depends on partnering. You may want to consider it. I can't farm alone and wouldn't want to if I could. 


I have $500K life savings to invest in a farm preferably in Dutchess or Columbia counties. I imagine contributing $100K+/- as my buy into the new partnership and offering a spending plan of up $350,000, by year five, with profit-sharing on partnered enterprises.


If you like the idea, let me do a quick study with Google Earth and other software to see if the enterprises I'm planning match your landscape.  See my Primrose Hill Farm Plan link below.

I'll live and work farm enterprises year-round. My goal is to secure a pastured/forested pig market, providing foods managed holistically, within a regenerative farm model. The value-added products I'm planning include;  specialty mushrooms, agrotourism/education,… .

I hope you'll call and talk about how we can make our farm dreams and land stewardship real.


Your Benefits; Landowner/Partner

100% Return on investment (value of property/structure/tools and equipment/... paid by my investment and future farm profit)
My investment; Operations/Infrastructure ($500,000)
My labor/education/experience
Ag tax break
Clean whole foods
Community service thru food security education
Healthy soil, clean water, diverse habitats, happy occupants
Participation in organic regenerative agriculture holistically managed


My intent is to farm profitably; provide food and shelter security; grow soil, clean water, healthy diverse habitats, and happy occupants. I'll seek to lower the entry to regenerative farming managed holistically for new farmers, young and old with on-farm and online training.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to connecting with you.

Kindly truly,

- David McGhee

[email protected]


The 9 Partners Concept; (*Profit Share Potential)

Soil Partner
Water Partner
Climate Partner
Landowner Partner (you)*
Investor Partner (me and all organisms with skin in it)*
Farmer Partner (you)*
Student Partner
Community Partner
Sponsor Partner


My Role and Benefits;

Property Manager*

Farm Manager*

Lodge & Learn Manager*

Foundation Board Seat*

Farm Residency 

Full Partner after we break even (Predicted in Year 3-5) and you are made whole.

   *As necessary or appropriate. I don't need much. I'm more interested in what I leave rather than what I take.

Below are some links with various info that may help you decide about me.


Farm Plan; 9 Partners Framework

This plan and framework supposes a property that I did not purchase due to being $35K from achieving the goal of $150K sales by year three. But, I do wish to discuss with both landowners and farmers their thoughts regarding finding partner farmers. Are you a landowner or farmer interested discussing in the 9 Partners framework please get in touch.



Farm Business Plan Available.


Farm Kit Wiki; Expanding encyclopedia of various farm enterprises for new farmers young and old who want to farm regeneratively and holistically; One stop "How-to".



Linkedin; Former Me


Tenure Options

Tenure options:


Additional Information

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