Diamond Hills Farm

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Property Location
80 angus lane, hudson, NY
[Columbia County]
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300 acres available
120 open acres for farming
180 wooded acres / other

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Do you want to learn about holistic farm management?

How about rotational grazing?

How about cattle health?

Marketing cattle?

Livestock husbandry in general?

Then look no further

Diamond Hills Farm is an operating stocker cattle operation in Hudson that is looking for an employee to complete chores on various weekdays and weekends in 2019.  Typically chores take about an hour a day unless something is off and then it can take many hours…but if you would like to learn about running a cattle operation or how to start your own farm business than give me a call.  Not only am I the sole ranch owner and operator but I am also the livestock educator at Cornell Cooperative Extension.  Anyway, if you want to make some money and learn about farming at the same time this may be the gig for you?

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work for me!

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