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Property Location
221 Marcott Rd, Kingston, NY
[Ulster County]
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144 acres available
60 open acres for farming
84 wooded acres / other

Property Description

Soil types:

Stockbridge Farmington Sandy Loam

Description of the property’s current condition and current use(s):

The property is new to us and we are looking to eventually create an artist and writer residency in years to come. It has not been used as a farm in many years, so the fields are fallow. There is a sizable pole barn and a few other structures for storage of vehicles, equipment, etc. We own a tractor and have a number of attachments, including a tiller, box blade, and a disc cultivator. Recently we installed a wel specificallyl for farming use. Currently there is a start up flower farmer currently leasing an acre of land for the coming seasons. We are also looking for a farmer interested in no till farming for a large field of 5-10 acres for vegetable crops.

Farm history / past uses of the property:

50 years ago, this used to be a dairy and hay farm. 

Farm Infrastructure

Infrastructure and equipment:

  • water
  • barns/structures
  • electrical

Water access description:

Recent well has been dug and is available

Barns/structures description:

Big pole barn can be used for farm equipment. There is also a few other smaller structures that could be used for washing, storage, etc. 


Farmer housing description:

Small efficiency apartment above a woodshop. There's also potential to build cabins for woofers, part time helpers. Still working on these ideas. 

Crops and Livestock

Types of crops permitted to be produced on the property:

Vegetables, Fruits, Grains

Types of livestock permitted on the property:

Goats/Sheep, Poultry

Livestock/crops description :

We are open to some different ideas, but really want to stick to organic vegetable and fruit (apple) production. Our concern is in keeping the land clean and as natural as can be. We are located in a residential neighborhood so animal husbandry of anything more than a few animals is not an option. I beleive we can have up to 12 chickens. 

Tenure Options

Tenure options:

Farm Management, For Lease, Partnership

Description of tenure options:

A skilled farmer who is interested in management or partnershop, utilizing 5-10 acres of sloped fields for organic, no till or low till vegetable produciton, or cash cover crops is what we are looking for. We're looking to lease land for 2-6 years, depending on the right individual. 

Additional Information

Preferences and restrictions on agricultural activities:

We are located within a residental district, and because of this, are limited to the ways in which a comunity can associate with the farm (not sure about a "you pick" scenario). But we are looking to integrate a number of educational programs with the farm through colleges, high schools, and potentially some community members (inner circle CSA?). We're excited to find a way to integrate a food/ social justice program, but more research needs to be done before this is a solid idea. 

Do you require a farmer who qualifies for agricultural assessment?:


Are you willing to have the public on the property as a part of the farm business?: