Tatiana Morin

Farming Status and Plans

Farming status:

Part time

Description of farming status, plans, and practices:

So far, I have ducks and chickens, pheasants, and vegetables. My dream is to have a farm for the community. For one, I would like to use it as an educational farm for farmers, students, children, governemnt and industry folk, etc. The educational workshops and lecture will be based on understanding, conserving, and building healthy soils. This would be the farm liason center for the NYC Uran Soils Institute-where rural, suburban and urban farmers can share skills, and resources. We would also conduct and encourage research projects on soil development, the influences on the parameters that are responsible for natural, native soil health, amendments for contamination, and metrics on best farming practices. We would be open to the community. The farm would also develop a native plant center, with soils being at the foundation of its education and public workshops. I am looking for a lease to own or purchase.

Description of marketing method:

A farm rooted in healthy soils. No chemicals. No GMOs, Biodynamic, sustainable, nurturing, healthy for all!

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Farm Characteristics

Preferred location:

Southeast, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Ulster, Westchester

Desired acreage:

1-5, 6-10, 11-20, 21-50, 51-100, >100

Infrastructure required:

Onsite housing, Barns or other facilities for storage of equipment, livestock, and crops, Water access, Fencing, Electrical Access

Description of buildings required:



Description of water access required:

open water, 


Description of fencing required:

some fencing would be a bonus!

Crops and Livestock

Primary crops:

Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Ornamentals, Hay, Other Crops

Primary Livestock:

Cattle - Beef, Cattle - Dairy, Equine, Goats/Sheep, Pigs, Poultry, Other livestock

Description of livestock/crops:

Open to all livestock and crop

Farmland Tenure

Tenure options desired:

For Lease, For Sale, Other Tenure Agreement

Description of tenure options desired:

lease to own or purchase

Additional Information

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Experience & education:

Farm internship/apprenticeship

Experience description:

Worked on Essex Farm. Have my own mini farm (3 Years so far) Director of the NYC Urban Soils Institute