Ryan Lertora

Farming Status and Plans

Farming status:

Full time

Description of farming status, plans, and practices:

Currently Managing (4th year) a diversified vegetable and livestock farm in Maine. 

Looking to closely follow our practices starting my own farm in NY. 

The business model will include a farm stand with CSA, at least one farmers market and wholesale accounts. 

Growing practices will include No till permanent bed system. Intensive growing and crop rotation with little mechanization. A strong belief that building soil structure is paramount in growing nutrient dense vegetables. We will NOT use any conventional or organic certified pesticides or herbicides. The philosophy is to 'Think plant positive and not weed/pest negative'.

Excited to explore any opportunity to purchase/lease (with option to buy) the right piece of land, contact at any time and please leave a message!

Description of marketing method:

The main sources of revenue will include a CSA (vegetables / eggs), Farm store, farmers market and whole sale accounts.

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Farm Characteristics

Preferred location:

Southeast, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Ulster, Westchester

Desired acreage:

1-5, 6-10

Infrastructure required:

Onsite housing, Water access, Electrical Access

Description of water access required:

Access to a well is Ideal.

Interest in access to stream/river/pond with clean water.

Crops and Livestock

Primary crops:

Vegetables, Fruits

Primary Livestock:

Pigs, Poultry

Description of livestock/crops:

Raising Layers and continually rotating them on pasture will ensure healthy pasture as well as promote the chicken's natural tendencies to scratch around, eat bugs and plants. 

Raising broilers for chicken shares and processing on site.

Farmland Tenure

Tenure options desired:

For Lease, For Sale, Other Tenure Agreement

Description of tenure options desired:

Purchasing or leasing with an option to buy would be ideal arrangements. 

Looking for properties with housing onsite. 

Additional Information

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Experience & education:

Farm management, Farm internship/apprenticeship

Experience description:

I've gained all my farming experience working at Frith Farm Scarborough, ME.


My first year was spent as an apprentice and the following 4 years as a manager. 

I plan on closely mirroring the farming practices and philosophies which have proven very well over the farms 8 years in operation. 

My farming principles are: 

-Organic - Producing heritage vegetables and growing livestock ecologically

-Biomimicry - mirroring nature to grow the best possible produce.

-No Till - The benefits of tilling your field are far outweighed by the long and                       short term set backs. For these reasons we use a permanent bed                       system to grow healthy living soil, cut down on CO2 emisions and                       limit automation.  

-No spray - While there are Organic approved pesticides/herbicides and soluble                     fertilizers we feel that toxins, no matter their origin, should not be                         applied to food.

-Human Scale - The farm will operate with hand tools and a walking tractor. No                            ride on tractors will operate on the beds. Running on human                                power will foster satisfaction and a modest scale.